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Unleash Cutting-Edge Features for Enhanced Support

Discover a comprehensive array of innovative features designed to revolutionize your support ecosystem

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AI-powered Knowledge Search

Quickly find relevant knowledge content from various sources with our unified enterprise search.


Gain valuable insights into user behavior and support metrics to optimize your support strategy.

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Case Forms and Management

Simplify issue tracking and resolution with our comprehensive case management system.


Seamlessly integrate with leading providers such as Salesforce, Notion, Zendesk, Genesys, and LiveChat


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Engage with customers in real-time, offering immediate assistance when needed.

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TP- 4377

Clients data not loading on CRM extra test words

Sep 03


TP- 4592

Invoices are duplicated on clients email

Sep 03


TP- 4377

SMS campaign is broken in Mena Region

Sep 03


TP- 4377

Clients data not loading on CRM extra test words

Sep 03


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Melinda Martin

We can do the CSV upload again on the portal. Contact Jessica.

1 hr ago

James Anderson

The client wants to delete the duplicate invoice.

2 hrs ago

Shelly Cook

Daren said we will have it done by Monday.

3 hrs ago

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